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Business Insurance

As business owners you have invested greatly in the success of your business. But you can lose it all with inadequate coverage.

Fire and Perils

Our Fire and Perils insurance provides you with cover for your commercial buildings, inventory, products, materials, equipment and machinery, etc. against fire, lightning, explosion, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption burglary, theft, impact damage by aircraft and vehicles, malicious damage, riot and strike, flood, and burst water pipes.

Documents required (Fire and Perils Only):

  • A valuation of property (evaluators)
  • Detailed list of equipment, machinery, etc.

Consequential Loss/Loss of Profits/Business Interruption

Don’t hurt when your business is temporarily interrupted because of a fire, or damage from natural disasters. Our Consequential Loss policy will ease the financial burdens and take care of all your standard expenses – mortgage payments, rents, loans, bank charges, etc, - that must be paid regardless of the business’ current status. Minimise your business’ exposure and protect yourself from unnecessary financial strains. Get back on the right track with our Consequential Loss Policy.

All Risks

Whether it’s your valuable jewellery, artwork, computers, electronics, office equipment, specialised equipment, machinery, etc. our all risks policy covers sudden accidental loss or physical damage including the perils found in our fire and special perils policy.


We can no longer bury our head and pretend that our environment is the same as it was 20 years ago. The changes are evident especially in technology and with this an increased level of sophistication and savvy. Vinsure’s burglary policy provides cover for loss or damage to stock, equipment, tenant’s improvement, etc. including damage done to the building for which you are responsible by thieves.

Contractors All Risks

If you are building, our Contractors All Risks policy is what you need. It covers the loss or damage to both temporary and permanent structures during the construction period and for a short period thereafter. Included also is public liability cover.


You will be covered for loss of money (i.e. cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, stamps) whilst in transit, in a locked safe, at your place of business during and outside business hours, in the hands of a custodian of the insured or security firm by fire, accident and theft.

Employers Liability

As a business owner you do not want to be liable for any injury sustained by an employee while he or she is at the workplace. Our policy protects you or your company by providing cover for the legal costs that you may incur if you are held responsible for any injury, death or illness of your employees while at the workplace including compensation to the injured employee.

Goods in Transit

If you are moving goods, stock or raw materials from one location to the next, our policy provides cover for any losses during transit including theft at the premises while loading and unloading and delivery to the recipient.

Fidelity Guarantee

We can’t always count on the honesty of our employees and this is where our Fidelity Guarantee comes in. Our policy protects your business from financial loss such as money, business plan, stock, etc. resulting from the dishonest of your employees.

Public Liability

This policy protects your future and the future of your business. It covers the activities of your business as well as the business for a specified amount during a specified time. You will be paid for any legal costs incurred while defending a claim of accidental death, injury or disease to any person and for accidental loss or damage to property including compensation to the injured third party.

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